Advident was founded in 2015. We are a non-profit student consultancy agency with the aim to familiarize students with the professional field of science. In these years we have become recognized by the Utrecht University and had successful project with, among others, Philips, Rabobank and the Utrecht municipality.

What we can do for you

Advident works mainly in three ways.  The first is the Advident Challenge, this is one evening in which around 30 students tackle a problem in groups of 5. The second is Advident projects, in which students provide an in-depth consult. Here a group of 2-5 students take ten weeks to research scientific information and convert this into an advisory report. Third there is the Advident Career Event (ACE). This is an annual event in which over 30 companies and organisations are invited to the Utrecht Science Park to introduce students to options for internships or jobs outside the university.


Interested in our previous activities or ready to get inspired? View are previous projects and events below!

Wat zeggen de mensen ervan?

They help me and my company from day 1.

MichaelFounder and owner of a company

A huge amount of input for only one night.

HenkUtrecht manucipality

They help us every year with new insights.

EduardEmployee Philips

Very productive evening in which 30 students had their own new view on our problem.

MeghanEmployee Rabobank


Advident offers organizations, the government, firms and individuals answers to issues concerning natural sciences. Our ambitious students work with the most recent knowledge and a critical point of view on different projects.

We would love to hear from you!